Blonde Shower Set


Experience our brightening and toning Blonde Shampoo and Blonde Conditioner.  Immediately brightens blonde, silver and highlighted hair and helps prevent fading without drying, damaging or stripping natural oil from your hair.  UV protectant properties promote long lasting color and prevent color fading and dulling due to sun exposure.  For blonde, silver & highlighted hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best blondes products I've ever used

They really work to keep my blonde highlights the right color and removes all the brassyness.

4.5 stars

Great products for blondes and it made my hair really clean and soft. I give it 4.5 stars because I wish the blonde shampoo didn't have any sulfates. It didn't make my hair feel dry or anything but I like to error on teh safe side.

My Hair Looks Blonde Again

I was having trouble with my hair looking yellow and I didn't notice it until my friend commented on it. I heard about purple shampoos and how they help remove the yellow from your hair. I saw an ad for Pompadour products and decided to give this one a try. The product is such a deep purple, i was hoping that it didn't turn my hair purple, but it did exactly what it said it would... My hair looks blonde again!

No more brassy hair for me

I've been using blonde shampoo and conditioners for years and I am really impressed with how fast these products remove the brassy tones from my hair. I had a feeling they would work great because the shampoo is a really dark purple color like you see in salons and I noticed it starting to brighten my hair after one use!

I love this stuff!

I'm a natural blonde, but my hair starts to get darker in the winter months. I usually get highlights 1-2 times per year and since I've started using the Pompadour Pro Blonde shampoo and conditioner I've noticed a huge difference in longer-lasting highlights. I've also noticed that as my hair naturally brightens from being outside in the color is brighter and longer-lasting with use of this set. It smells good and actually cleans my hair as well, which I think sets it apart from some of the other Blonde shampoo/conditioners I've used. My stylist actually thought I had cheated on her and gotten highlights from someone else - just showing how much this really works!