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These product pairings are great if you want to add a bit more volume for your hair.  When paired with one of our styling products, the Texture Powder is an awesome way to give a bit of a boost.


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Natural Beeswax Paste + Texture Powder

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Godpepito G. Godpepito
What are the things/advantage/hacks

I could repeat all the benefits everyone and the videos are saying about the Beeswax Paste/Textured Powder combo. But here are the things/advantages/hacks you might want to know:

The Textured Powder is great with small hairs, but the longer they are... the better. Just a little bit holds the hairs in place like crazy. Maybe even too much. So this is why you may want to use a "plastic bristle" or a "plastic bristle and boar hairs combo (best option)" brush to brush them after applying the product. Don't even think using a "comb" or a "boar hairs only" bristle! Though it only works on "dry", "really clean" to just a "tiny bit oily" hairs. If you already have products on your hairs, or if they are a bit wet, or too oily, it won't work at all. But don't mistaken me, I use it every time after I washed my hairs.

The Beeswax Paste is great, try to put it on all your hairs and not only on the top ones. You do not need much. It is great on all kinds of hair lengths from small and up and holds all day (as long as it does not rain too much... but still holds a lot).You can put it in "clean" to "oily" hairs; works best in dry hairs. I even tried it in 3 days dirty/oily hairs; it still works. After 3 days without washing them, think about using clay (your best bet; but don't hope for the miracle holding them in place). But God I (...and the ladies) love the smell of vanilla/marshmallow from this stuff.

Svyatoslav V. S.V. Svyatoslav V.


romnick r. romnick
Best combo

These two products make the best team if you want volume

Brock Thomas B.T. Brock T.
Just What I Needed

Volume seemed to be impossible to achieve in my fine, flat hair but the product works great. The Moroccan Texture Paste gives the desired thickness, finish, and volume that someone like me needed.

Brandon B. Brandon

The powder along with the wax was magnificent. Changed the very existence of my hair