Peppermint Pomade



A water-based pomade made for hairstyles that demand a balance of medium hold with touch of high shine and washes out effortlessly with on rinse.  Used primarily for combed hairstyles such as classic side parts, slick backs, or faded comb overs.  Style with a fine-toothed comb for tighter, more controlled looks and a wide-toothed comb for wider separation.  It conditions the hair while styled, provides frizz control, prevents fly-aways, and has a sweet peppermint scent. 


Scoop a nickel-sized amount and spread through your palms or fingertips.  Apply evenly starting at the crown and working towards the front. Apply to dry to towel dry hair for ideal results.  Add more if needed.


Premium Ingredients.  No parabens, alcohol, or sodium chloride.  Water based and easy to wash out. Comes in sustainable glass jar with metal lid.  Aloe leaf juice is saturated with essential vitamins and minerals to heal scalp while adding shine and providing frizz control.  Panthenol Vitamin B5 helps maintain moisture to leave hair more pliable, shinier, and stronger.  Soy protein strengthens and repairs hair fiber while adding a healthy shine.
And How They Benefit Your Hair
Soothes and works to relieve dry
scalp and stimulates circulation which
promotes hair growth
Acts as a deep conditioner
while providing flexible hold
Provides frizz control and softens hair while
promoting growth and preventing damage
Bring the Barber Shop & Salon Experience Home
You never look as good as the moment you leave the barbershop or salon. We know there’s nothing worse than getting a great haircut, only to have difficulty recreating the same look day in and day out afterward. With medium hold, a high shine finish, and a clean peppermint scent, our water-based Peppermint Pomade will give you barber-grade performance at home.

Professionally Crafted in Small Batches
Proudly Made in the USA and professionally crafted in small batches using premium ingredients for the ultimate hair styling experience. Each step of the production process is thoroughly monitored to ensure the highest quality standards and no shortcuts are taken. Smaller batches means a fresh product for an even fresher style.

No Grease & Washes Out Easy
No grease stains here. Oil-based pomades and hair styling products can be a nightmare to wash out and can damage your hair by stripping them of their natural oils. They also leave your forehead and scalp prone to unwanted acne and buildup. The Peppermint Pomade is a water-based styling product that easily washes out with just water, won’t damage your hair and won’t clog your pores. Let’s leave the oil and grease at the auto shop.

Pleasantly Scented - Won't Sting the Nostrils
We crafted the Peppermint Pomade to have a light peppermint scent that won’t come off as overpowering. So whether it’s the scent of your cologne, body wash or beard balm, you won't have to worry about the scent of the hair product getting in the way.

Sustainable (Yet Premium) Packaging
We recognize that we have a responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment for future generations to enjoy as much as we do. We strive to have the lowest impact on the environment possible and that starts with the packaging. The Peppermint Pomade comes in a premium frosted glass jar with an anodized metal jar lid and the shipping box is made from recycled cardboard. Less waste = less burden on the environment.

Never Tested on Animals
No Mister Pompadour hair product is ever tested on animals. Ever.
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