Peppermint Conditioner

Ultra creamy conditioner infused with natural peppermint oil, vital botanical extracts, and rich vitamins to strengthen and nourish dry, brittle hair.  Gently detangles and naturally moisturizes hair without weighing it down.  Provides frizz control and leave hair feeling strong, healthy, and incredibly soft.  Additional vitamins and proteins sooth, repair, and protect sensitive scalps.  Formulated for daily use.  For all hair types.


Start with PEPPERMINT SHAMPOO.  Apply PEPPERMINT CONDITIONER to clean, wet hair.  Massage evenly throughout the hair focusing from the roots to the ends.  Rinse clean.  May leave in hair for 1-2 minutes as peppermint oil is known to cool, stimulate, and clarify the scalp.  Enjoy the smooth, soft feel of your hair.

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