Mister Pompadour believes in always Looking Sharp and Being Confident.  We all know that making a first impression happens in a matter of seconds...

We want yours to be a lasting one.  

Founded in Raleigh, NC, we understand the importance of a positive first impression and we understand that hair plays a significant role in how we are perceived by others.  That's why we developed a suite of premium-grade hair products for men who simply wanted better hair care and style performance...

Your hair will look good all day long.

Whether you’re brand new to hair styling products, or a seasoned veteran looking for a new product that will actually give you all-day performance, Mister Pompadour is here to provide the quality styling products you deserve.  Our hair product expertise is unmatched and we are dedicated to helping all guys achieve great looking hair to bring out the best in you!

Remember your hair speaks volumes about you.

Afterall, your hair is an extension of your personality.

Zack Henry, Co-Founder

Occasionally donning a faux-hawk and never buttoning his shirtsleeves, Zack has his unique way to epitomize his style. And he's never been afraid to show his own personal style. Zack does this by being confident in how he wears it instead of what he wears. After being in the corporate world for almost a decade, Zack has the passion to bring the professional sense of style to every man. In starting Mister Pompadour, he now has the opportunity to help every man be confident with their hair and look sharp in the process.

Matt Davis, Co-Founder

The son of an Army Ranger, Matt has always been surrounded by men in uniform and he appreciates the high level of detail it takes for them to look sharp each and every day.  Moving from base to base all around the world he noticed that there is one thing in common regardless of where you live - and that is everyone loves a well-dressed man.  He believes that the finishing detail for any great look isn't the shoes, or the tie, or the colorful socks - but it's all about the hairstyle (using right quality products of course) that will capture all the attention!


You can always contact us at info@misterpompadour.com . We try to get to every email personally!  Thanks for checking us out!