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The Guy's Guide to Washing Your Mane

How Often Should I Shampoo and Condition My Hair?

There’s no definitive wrong or right way to wash and conditioner your hair, but you’ll find it that it really boils down to is finding the right balance for your hair! 

It’s perfectly fine to go a few days without shampooing your hair.  In fact, it’s normal for your hair to have a little bit of oiliness and dirt in it.  We find that having a bit of grittiness to our hair actually makes it pleasant to work with when styling it.

On the other hand, washing your hair daily isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, particularly if you have especially fine hair, work out frequently (and sweat a lot), or live in a polluted city. 

 At Mister Pompadour, finding the right balance is achieved by following our simple philosophy: 

Shampooing less frequently is often better for your hair, while using conditioner daily is recommended. 

For most guys, this is the sweet spot for keeping your hair looking natural without worrying about damaging your hair.  Like a pair of jeans that you’ve worn for a few days and broken in; it just feels right. 

Here are some basic guidelines to consider based on your hair type to help you find that right balance. 

*          *          *

If you have fine hair: 

Fine hair is defined where the actual diameter of the individual hair strand is relatively small compared to thicker hair.  There are two common issues experienced by guys with fine hair: 

  • It has the tendency to feel oily much faster than its thicker counterpart.
  • It doesn’t hold as much volume and/or loses volume quickly 

    The reasoning behind it feeling oily faster is due to the fact that your natural hair oils have less surface area to coat than thicker hair.  It also doesn’t hold as much volume because of its structure and it has the tendency to get weighed down easily under its own weight, or due to the weight of styling products and natural oils.     

    Recommendation:  Wash with a light amount of shampoo and conditioner daily.  The goal is to remove any excess dirt, oil, and products that can potential add weight to your hair causing it to become lifeless.  

    *          *          * 

    If you have thick, straight hair: 

    While thicker hair may seem more manageable all around, it can be a blessing and a curse.  The advantage to thick hair is that you’ll never have to worry about volume...ever.  Naturally it wants to stand up on its own because of the structure of the hair strands (larger diameter than finer hair), so it’s able to withstand an extra few days worth of oils, dirt and product without worrying about it being weighed down.  Going a few extra days without washing it shouldn’t be an issue. 

    The downside is that it’s more susceptible to frizziness and feeling dry and brittle.  Make sure to use conditioners on a daily basis to provide useful vitamins (Vitamin B5 for example) and oils that will provide nourishment and control to the individual strands.  Conditioning will help your hair maintain moisture while leaving it more pliable, shinier, and stronger.

    Recommendation:   Wash every 2 to 3 days and use conditioner daily.  The goal is to prevent over-stripping natural oils from your hair, while providing nourishment and moisture for better control and management. 

    *          *          *

    If you have curly or wavy hair: 

    Curly hair could use an extra day between shampooing compared to thick hair to allow it naturally become more oiled and moisturized; otherwise dry and under-nourished hair becomes uncontrollable frizzy and damaged.  There’s a perfect explanation why washing your curly hair less makes sense; natural oils from your scalp take longer to travel along a curly strand than a straight strand.  So going an extra day to allow your natural oils to spread throughout your mane won’t hurt. 

    Recommendation:  Wash every 3 days (or twice a week) and use conditioner daily. 

    *          *          * 

    We hope you find these guidelines to washing your hair useful and that you give some of the recommendations a try based on your hair type. If you’re frustrated with the way you hair looks and feels, chances are you may need to change your washing schedule.  It’s important to find the right balance for healthy looking hair, so if a formula works for you, stick to it! 

    Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or comments.


    Best regards,


    Matt and Zack

    4 Responses


    July 16, 2016

    Have fine hair and your recommendation is spot on. Used to skip a day between washing and it would be so greasy, even if I kept my hands off it and didn’t use any product. Wash daily and be gentle seems to be the trick


    September 18, 2015

    I m so thankful to you guys for updating with such important matters.
    Happy to be a member of Mister pompadour.


    Viren Mehra
    Viren Mehra

    June 26, 2015

    I have extremely thick curly hair.


    June 25, 2015

    I’m having problems with my hair.My hair is curly and thick.I don’t know what to do anymore.What can you guys recommend for me.Maybe what hair oils I should buy or how often should I shampoo.Anything that you guys can recommend for me would be awesome.

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