TOP 5 Differences Between Moroccan Texture Paste & Natural Beeswax Paste

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Hair pastes are the most versatile men’s hair styling products out there. And they can be recommended for virtually any hair length, type and style - from short to long, fine to thick, messy to combed.  And since they are primarily water-based, washing them out in the shower is incredibly easy. You really can’t go wrong with choosing a product in the hair paste family!  

While there is no perfect definition of “hair paste”, in general hair pastes are a bit thicker in consistency than pomades, and their consistency and texture can range from something like a thick toothpaste to tacky glue. A hair paste usually gives your hair a medium to very firm hold, and can leave your hair with a natural matte finish or add a touch of shine.

In this blog post we are going to break down the Top 5 differences between our two popular hair styling pastes: Moroccan Texture Paste and Natural Beeswax Paste.  While they both fall within the same hair product category, there are some major differences that define them. 

Let’s take a look at what makes them unique!

If reading isn’t for you, watch this video breakdown instead…

1.    Consistency – Fibrous & Stringy vs Thick & Waxy

Hair styling pastes come in all forms of consistencies depending on their purpose.  Some are thick and almost playdough meant to provide as much hold as possible while others contain natural oils to add moisturizing properties when the hair it styled.  The consistency couldn’t be more different with the Moroccan Texture Paste and Natural Beeswax Paste. 

2.    Hold Strength – Medium Hold vs Higher Hold

Moroccan Texture Paste comes in with a medium hold which is great if you want to provide texture and structure with your hair without your hair feeling too stiff and rigid. 

Natural Beeswax Paste on the other hand is more of a high hold styling product due to the beeswax contents.  It too won’t leave your hair feeling stiff and rigid like gel would, but it’s definitely will help keep your hair in position all day if needed. 

3.    Amount of Shine – Touch of Shine vs Natural Matte Finish

Moroccan Texture Paste contains coconut and Moroccan argan oil so naturally it’s going to leave a touch of shine. 

If you prefer more of a natural matte finish, then Natural Beeswax Paste is the way to go.  If you want to ‘add a touch of shine’ when using the Natural Beeswax Paste, then apply it to slightly damp hair and the product will help your hair keep a slightly wet look.

4.    Ease of Application – Smooth & Easy vs Warm-Up Required (emulsify) for best distribution

If ease of application is the most important feature of the hair styling product you use, then Moroccan Texture Paste is the clear winner in this department compared to Natural Beeswax Paste.  While Moroccan Texture Paste does have a fibrous and stringy consistency, it also happens to be incredibly smooth and easy to apply to the hair.  It spreads in the fingertips with little to no effort. 

Natural Beeswax Paste on the other hand is thicker and requires you to warm it up in you hands prior to applying.  This warming up process is called emulsifying and the heat from you hands will temporarily make the paste more creamy before it cools off and thickens again.

Mind you, both styling products work well with all hair length and types, but you’ll find applying the Moroccan Texture Paste to less effort.

Regardless of which hair styling paste you prefer, make sure to apply at the crown of the head and work your way forward and to the sides. 

5.    Ability to Re-Style

Moroccan Texture Paste has a medium hold and you won’t be able to restyle it as many times throughout the day.  While Natural Beeswax Paste has a higher, more flexible hold due to the beeswax and lanolin wax content so you’ll be able to restyle your hair throughout the day as many times at you want.

Matt Davis
Matt Davis

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