Men’s Winter Hair Trends

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With the winter around the corner, it’s a good time to freshen up your look. For most guys, this starts with your hair (and maybe a new Tinder account) to swing into the new year. So, the first thing to consider is this: how updated is your hairstyle? If you’re still rocking that burly “I’m-too-cool” beard or cocky mustache, we hate to break it to you, but this trend is dead as roadkill—sorry. Time to move on.

The runways of Menswear Week were loaded with sharp looks, taking men’s hair in some great directions. From the 70s revival of the carefree mop head to the sleek and the sophisticated side part, this season is rich with hair ideas. Let’s take a look at what today’s stylists have in store for us.


Slicked Back

The greased up Italiano look is now fiercely cool— who would’ve thought? All the big designers were showcasing this hairstyle on the winter runways, including Gucci, Armani and Versace.

Slick Back

When creating this style, take inspiration from mobster culture—think Tony Montana in Scarface or Vito Corleone in The Godfather. With every hair in place, everything is kept shiny and slicked back like a “perfect” gentleman. Cheers to that!




Relaxingly Long

Steve Aoki fans anyone? Seems like long locks have become a whimsical new trend.

Long Hair

But keep in mind that few men can convincingly pull if off—so proceed with caution! It requires strong bone structure, especially a defined jawline, to preserve the masculinity of this look, explains Mathew, a Master Stylist from Barber Career Agency.


The 70's Shag

As one of the major hair trends of Menswear Week, the 70's-hair shag seemed to be a big deal. Known for its effortless texture and mid-length cut, it gives off a rugged, easy going vibe. Just make sure to keep this style reasonably tamed—there’s a fine line between looking handsomely messy and just plain homeless.



The Pompadour

Fashion is bringing back the old-school boyish locks of Elvis Presley. Huge back in the 50’s, the pompadour is a full-bodied swept over style, giving you lots of extra height on top. It’s perfect for gents who love a lot of volume in their hair and don’t mind spending the extra half hour of blow-drying, combing and styling—plus a whole lot of fussing and primping if you’re the picky type. Basically, if you’re not someone who genuinely enjoys being artful with your hair, this cut is not for you. For this reason, we’re attaching a high-maintenance warning label to it, but the results are quite impressive—big payoff in the looks department, buddy!



Side Part

There’s nothing more GQ suave than a sleek side part. The ladies love it and you’ll look instantly more handsome and successful. This style is also incredible versatile and can be worn virtually anywhere, from weekdays at the office to a hot cocktail date, plus drinks at her house later…


It’s also clean-cut enough to rock some scruff or a 5 o’clock shadow without overcrowding your face.  And as another flattering touch, it can help balance out your facial features, helping to offset prominent assets like a large nose, explains Marco Hair Stylist at Fanone.   


When attempting these styles, always remember to use a quality paste that offers a firm but flexible hold for a natural effect. You don’t want to be strutting around town with A-level confidence but a C-level hair stiffy—so not stealth.  To add a bit of shine you can always cocktail it with a bit of your favorite pomade, we recommend our Peppermint Pomade. 


As always,  Look Sharp. Be Confident.

Zack & Matt

Co-founders, Mister Pompadour

Zachary Henry
Zachary Henry

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