What Does Your Hair Say About Your First Impression?

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When you’re out on the town,yourimagematters.Whether you’reposting a new dating app pic or going for a job interview, your lookis your biggest asset for a solid first impression.Let’s start with what your hair says. As a representation of youroverall attitude and attractiveness, your hair does a lot of the talking. Ultimately, it all comes down to lawof attraction—if youput your best self forward, you canexpect the same energy in return. 


The Harvey Spector Look 


If you’re a suit guy,you may have considered the slick lawyer look at one point. Looking as expensive as your paychecks, you execute an image that says your successful and powerful. And what woman doesn’t love a cocky corporate guy? Okay maybe a few, but who needs those ones… 

 When executing this persona, make sure every detail is nailed down—a perfect shave, groomed brows and acrisp designer suit. Now you’ve sealedthe deal.  


The Hipster Man Bun 


There’s something incrediblypretentious about a man bun that immediately tells everyone in the room, “I’m better than all of you.” But hey, no problem,as long as you know how to work it, right?  

 It’s all about creating a balance between your artsy style andbeing approachable. Otherwise, if you’rejustrockinga pair oftrendyglasses,a non-conformist beard and an outfitfull of obnoxiously organic bio-degradable hipster stuff, you’re not exactly themostmagnetic person at the party. 

It might also help toavoid tellingpeopleyou’re gluten-free. Your choice.  


The Pretty Boy Look 


From king’s landing to beyond the wall, or wherever you roam,long locks will take you far with the dames.  

Just keep in mind that not every guy can pull off this look. It takes classically handsome features to work these tussled waves. You’ll give off a free-spirited impression that can be complimented nicely with some man jewelry like leather or hemp bracelets.   

Then you’ll be ready to take your army of awesomeness to the battlefield of life. “The winter is coming!”—John Snow


The Hairdo That Says “I  Don’t Give a F***” 

When you’ve got a multi-million dollar corporation at your finger tips, then and only then, can youget away with this awkwardbrainfart of a hairdo.  Basically, unless you’re Dan Bilzerian, you’re not leaving your houselookinglike this. 

Guys who just leave their hair to roam any which way it falls, appear unsuccessful anduncharming. You won’t want to be shaking this person’s hand on a business deal who has this hair. Not exactlybusiness partner material.  

Yet, if you’re a goose who wears sweat pants to date night and texts yourfriends things like, “wut usayin tonight?”, this hairdo might be the perfect fit for you.  


The Pompadour  

With a slick pompadour, you’re that heartbreak every girl pretends to hate, but secretly loves.  

You have great hair and you know it—with your perfectlycoiffed hairandevery strand in place, you’ve got it made. Thislook is easily transferrable for a variety of settings; at the office, it’s a trendy twist on your suit and at your buddy’s place, it sexes up your laidback t-shirt and jeans combo.  

Basically, anything goes with the good old pompadour. Cheers to that! 


The Blow Out (When you’ve lost your way) 

Ifyou need a separatetravelling suitcase for hair products, you’re a clown— period.  

Asa Guido rocking the blow out, your hair is amodern art statement of its own. It’s got so much gel, spray and mystery goop in there; it’s not moving during motorcycle rides or even deep sea diving.  

This makes you a goofball, not a stud. 

Symptoms associated with this hairdomay includeangry hatersand severe black outs. You’ve been warned. 


Look Sharp.  Be Stylish. 


Matt & Zack



Zachary Henry
Zachary Henry

3 Responses

Patricia Wilson
Patricia Wilson

July 09, 2019

I totally agree with you when you said that there’s a specific look that goes best with every guy. I wanted my husband to get a new hairdo as a means of reinventing himself. He has been sporting the same one for years now, and it kind of gets old. Luckily, he’s been very receptive to the idea. We just have to find a nice salon that can recommend us what’s best for my darling. Thanks for this wonderful read! http://smithandmorgansalon.com/price-guide.html


July 09, 2019

Phew! I’m free to wear any of these styles as since I’m gay none of the appeals to attracting or not attracting women with my hair don’t matter. Take that, heteronormativity!

William Flakes
William Flakes

January 03, 2017

I’ve always liked the “Pomp” I guess because I restore older vehicles so I always liked the “greaser” 50s hairstyles. Up until a few years ago when I started using these products I never really styled my hair, but over the years I’ve gained a lot of attention and complements from my different hairstyles also bc I’m tge only one who will try different things where I live. From the standard Pomp, to slick down, side part undercut, my favorite Jelly Roll Pomp and what I call a high volume side pomp, y’alls products have been able to help me do them all. Also the peppermint smell helps.. Lol. Keep up the good work fellas!

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