Deluxe Texture Combo


  1. The Deluxe Texture Combo offers the perfect product pairing for those who want or need to add a bit more volume to your hair. 
  2. We recommend using the Texture Powder as a pre-styler to give your hair an extra boost in volume.
  3. Then finish with one of our 5-star rated styling products to give your hair its final shape and style.


What's the best way to use the Deluxe Texture Combo?

01 Use Texture Powder as a pre-styler to add extra volume, hold and texture.

02 Finish with a styling product of your choice for definition, shape and style.  


How do I apply the Texture Powder?

Apply to dry hair by lightly sprinkling powder at the root for lift and volume or spread it evenly all over for extra fullness and texture.  A little goes a long way so do not over apply.  Scrunch or move hair in any direction to achieve the desired look.


How do I apply the Styling Product?

Scoop a nickel-sized amount and spread through your palms or fingertips.  Apply evenly starting at the crown and working towards the front.  Apply to dry to towel dry hair for ideal results.  Add more if needed.  


What type of finish does it provide? 

The Texture Powder provides a dry, matte finish, so the best reference would be the finish (amount of shine) designated for the styling product you choose


Does it wash out easily?

Yes, all of our pre-styling and styling products are water-based and do not contain petroleum oil type ingredients, which means they washes out easily with water.


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Loved it

I love this stuff it it’s easy to apply it doesn’t go all over the place makes my hair stand because I have super thick hair it makes it Super easy to style my hair with the natural beeswax. 😎

Best combo!

If your looking for a long wear this the perfect pair!


Love this product is beyond perfection

Best Product I’ve ever used

I’ve never taken the time to write a review online before, but Mister Pompadour deserves a fantastic review. Like many others, I have tried what feels like an endless amount of hair products. I have very straight and fine hair, which can be a challenge to work with. The texture combo (powder and sculpting clay) is the only product I’ll buy going forward. It’s lightwight, smells great and has the perfect amount of hold. Keep up the great work!

The one and only hair product for life!

I’ve tried sooo many products over the years ranging in prices but this entire line is absolutely the best! I’ve never been more pleased with my hair every day and been given so many compliments before. I feel like I finally figured out how to do my hair after years of always feeling like I just needed the right product. Even the price is great! I’m super satisfied!!