Total Styling System

Some people simply want it all - do you? Start with an invigorating shower experience that deep cleans and conditions without stripping, drying or damaging your hair. Follow with a... Learn More
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Signature Styling Kit

01 CLEANSE Begin your hair care routine with Peppermint Shampoo for thorough cleansing of hair and scalp. 02 CONDITION Follow with Peppermint Conditioner to properly soften your hair and soothe... Learn More
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Deluxe Texture Combo

The Deluxe Texture Combo offers the perfect product pairing for those who want or need to add a bit more volume to your hair.  We recommend using the Texture Powder as a pre-styler... Learn More

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Peppermint Shower Set, 8.5 oz

OVERVIEW For All Hair Types Experience our refreshing and soothing Peppermint Shampoo and Peppermint Conditioner.  Gently formulated for daily use to help renew, refresh, and relieve your hair and scalp.  Infused with peppermint... Learn More
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Natural Beeswax Paste, 2 oz

High Hold + Natural Matte Finish A thicker hair styling paste that's infused with purified beeswax and lanolin wax Provides a flexible high hold and natural matte finish that keeps your hairstyle looking sharp all... Learn More
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Fireball Pomade, 2 oz

Hair Styling At Its Finest Firm Hold + Medium Shine Finish RAISE YOUR STYLING STANDARDS ✔️ Easy to Apply - For all hair types & combed looks✔️ Washes Out Easily... Learn More

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Texture Powder, net wt 0.21 oz

HIGH HOLD + DRY MATTE FINISH A lightweight styling powder that instantly adds volume and texture while providing a high hold and completely natural matte finish.  It is practically weightless,... Learn More

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Sculpting Clay, 2 oz

MEDIUM HOLD + MATTE FINISH A lightweight styling clay that contains bentonite clay and purified beeswax to provide medium hold and a matte finish.  Ideal for hair that requires volume... Learn More
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Moroccan Texture Paste, 2 oz

MEDIUM HOLD + SEMI-MATTE FINISH A versatile styling paste with medium hold to provide structure to your hair without leaving it feeling stiff or rigid.   A semi-matte finish leaves... Learn More

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Peppermint Pomade, 2 oz

MEDIUM HOLD + HIGH SHINE FINISH A water-based pomade that provides medium hold and high shine for classic combed styling.  Its smooth application makes it easy to use even on... Learn More

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