Why We Don't Sell Hair Gel

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Hair Gel Overview

Many teens and young adults begin experimenting with their hair at an age where they want to differentiate themselves from the "norm".   To achieve this different look,  many young men turn to an extremely affordable option, hair gel.    Hair gel allows different hair lengths, thicknesses, and textures to be molded to whatever shape they want.  This comes at a cost...

Crunchy Flakes

When you use hair gel, you're applying generated chemicals mixed with alcohol to your hair.  The firmer you want you hair, the more product you apply.  This creates a hard, spiky, and when disturbed at all, flaky.   Mister Pompadour uses natural ingredients when possible and we don't use any bad alcohols in our styling products.  This will allow a hold in your hair, without flakes and without forming a weird "hair spear" that could impale an imposing hand.  

Pre-Teen Style

Being in 2014, whenever you see somebody with a crazy hair gel style, it doesn't shout professional or bold, it just shouts "Hey! I'm new at styling my hair".  We don't want to promote that look at Mister Pompadour.   Our styling products are meant to promote many different styles that support a bold professional lifestyle.  Our Peppermint Pomade gives a great shine to your hair, while providing a flexible hold.  You can create a great look without making it look sophomoric.

Hair Damage and Drying

As mentioned earlier,  hair gels contain alcohols.  The purpose of this is to allow spreading of the product and quick drying to hold it in place.   In addition to the alcohols, they contain corrosive chemicals that strip all moisture from the hair and scalp. These gels mess with the moisture levels and reduce the production of sebum creating dry, brittle and breakage prone hair and give rise to problems of itchy and flaky scalp. They make the hair frizzy, thereby giving rise to unmanageable, dry, rough, limp and lusterless tresses.  Sounds great right?   We didn't think so either.  Mister Pompadours styling products contain natural oils and proteins that promote healthy hair while keeping your locks in the right place.

Hair Loss

These gels dehydrate the hair and scalp, thereby making the hair prone to breakage and fall. The chemical compounds present in these gels along with external pollutants together react with the dead cell build up and excess sebum on the scalp. This clogs the hair follicles and eventually causes hair fall. Excess and prolonged hair fall can lead to problems like receding hair line, baldness etc.  Have we made our point yet?


Check out our Styling Products and check out the ingredients yourself.    We love our products and only want the best for you as well.   Our quality of product is paramount on our priority list and we back it up by using quality ingredients as well.  

 ~Mister Pompadour

Zachary Henry
Zachary Henry

2 Responses


July 09, 2019

Is it mandatory to use a pomade everyday in order to style??
What if a person use nothing but just wash hair with shampoo?
How would that pompadour style look ?

Liam Babington
Liam Babington

July 09, 2019

While I do not have much hair left on my head I did grow a mustache…the problem is that the hair is SO COARSE it was like needles when I kissed my wife. The muscache wax does not hold as well as advertised. Would a gel work along with oil treatment?? Mustache hair IS HAIR!! And I REALLY…since I do not have the hair I did when I was younger DESPIRATLY appreciate advice!! Thanks for answering!!

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